What are the different types of Oriental Carpets?

Persian carpets:

Persian carpets primarily are classic design. They are made in Iran (Persia) they include all 3 geographical categories. Carpet expert can classify them. When buying Persian carpets ask your dealer or decorator for information about the make and place of the carpets were made. This categories of the carpets and rugs have always second hand value. Read more >>

Semi Modern:

Semi Modern Carpets are primarily classified as city carpets and rugs. Usually they have less design and colour than classic carpets therefore are easier to match for area decoration.

They are classified as city carpets or rugs. Read more >>


Modern / Contemporary Carpets are also classified as city carpets. They have variety of design and colour. There is no basic rule in their design, and in this type of carpets, colour and design follow the fashion trend. They are used for floor covering and usually have no second hand value. Read more >>

Oriental Carpets:

Main oriental carpet courtiers weaving at present include India, Pakistan, China, Nepal and part of Russia therefore carpets coming from these country are called oriental carpets. They may come from nomadic, village or city. Read more >>


Kilim are traditionally made by tribble and village weaver but recent years some workshop has been established in the city environment to produce larger quantity.

Kilim are flat woven that mean are made by passing a weft thread in and out of the warp after that the weft are beaten down to make a tighter weave. Read more >>

Collectable and silk:

Collectable or semi antique silks are primarily come from old carpets weaving area such as Iran (Persia), turkey (Anatolia), etc. A carpet to be antique it should be old and rare design and may have a history behind it.

Silk carpets and rugs are made by city weaver.

Iran, Turkey, china, India and Pakistan are the main silk weaving countries. Skilful designer, weaver needed for the silk carpets and rugs. Silk rugs are also used for wall hanging. Silk is the most expensive fibre used in carpets and rugs. Read more >>

Extra Large carpets

We categories carpets larger than 12m2 as extra-large or oversize. They are made by Village and city weaver. When carpets become larger the price per m2 increases. Because it need more skill for weaving and designing and it take longer to come to the market. Read more >>