What makes a rug an antique or collectable?

There is no one set of characteristics that can verify an antique or collectible piece but some of the following criteria can be considered to verify the probability of a carpet or rug to be classified in this category.

  • When looking at the rug the color should be harmonious unless rug is very old which may have symbolic value.
  • Quality wool or silk fiber are important factor.
  • Look at the texture and luster of the carpets and feel the quality. It should be smooth and have a pleasant feeling when touching the rugs.
  • Check if the design, color, pattern and condition conform the estimated age of the piece.
  • Rarity of the carpet or rug is another factor to classify as antique or collectible.
  • Condition of the piece check for repair or replacement of a section of the rug. Are the fringes and edges original ?
  • Finally the aesthetic quality of the carpet or rug.

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