About Us

We are one of the largest Persian and Oriental carpet wholesalers in Southern Africa.


Kashan Import and Export started operating in 2000 and has been wholesale since then. Have expanded our company over this time, in terms of both our stock and client base. Our clients include small, medium and large and well-known decorators and dealers in the country. We export to many African countries, including all of the ones in Southern Africa.

Almost two decades of experience has given us a clear vision of what kind of merchandise is suited to the market and is best for our clients.

Our priority is quality of stock, carefully selected from the finest available. Because of our long-standing reputation on the market, and the bargaining power that comes with it, we are able to purchase carpets at low prices. We buy directly from the weaver and offer the best deals to our client.

One of our core beliefs is that any business transaction must be carried out fairly and with integrity. We constantly strive for frank and open communication with our clients, in order to create long-term relationships based on trust.