Persian, Oriental, Silk and other Carpets

Our Range

At any given time we have 5,000-6000 pieces of stock available at our warehouse and regularly purchase carpets to keep the stock at this level.

Our focus is Persian Carpets, Oriental carpets and killims of the highest quality. We have an unmatched variety of stock which includes classical Persian, modern, semi-modern, antique, and extra large carpets. Our wide range of carpets and rugs caters for all types of tastes and environments. Given the large quantity of our stock, our clients can do one stop buying of all their requirements.

We have included on the site pictures of a small sample of each category of items. For each category, we have a large stock available at the warehouse. The best way to find out more about our stock and whether it meets your needs is to come and take a look for yourself. We have four showrooms and friendly staff that assist you through the selection process.