Classification of Carpets by Geography and Lifestyle

Our collection of exceptional variety of carpets and rugs include wide range of pure wool, part silk, pure silk with classic, semi classic and modern/contemporary design. They are name according to the weaver lifestyle, Nomadic/tribble, village and city rugs and carpets.

Nomadic or tribble:

Nomadic and tribble people lives in portable dwellings and move to places with the change of the season. They weave in portable loom. They move with all their belonging. They tend ship, horse, goat and camel. Materials they use are wool primarily shearing from their own animals i.e. ship, goat and camel. Nomadic use wool for warps, weft and pile of their carpets and rugs.

In old days dying the wool were from natural sources such as flower, roots and leaves but now they use both syntetique and natural dye. Colour are usually bright colours.

Village rugs and carpets:

Weaver in this category live in agricultural community. They dived their productive time in agricultural field planting or harvesting and portion of their productive time wave carpets and rugs.

Village product have more variety in colour and sizes comparing to nomadic and tribal rugs.

City Carpets and Rugs

Made by city dwellers. Their design are more sophisticate and complex they are produced in commercial centre headed by expert weaver, qualified designer. The material used are dyed by an experience person whose knowledge has passed from generation to generation.

Design in city rugs and carpets have symmetric geometry. In high quality carpets defect in design reduce the price of the product. Material used are high quality wool, cotton and silk. Warp and weft are primarily cotton and the pile can be wool or silk. City rugs and carpets have more variety of colour.